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?מה השלב הבא


Past the preschool years? Don't worry! We have plenty of opportunities for Hebrew Immersion.

Intensive Hebrew Immersion Program

iHIP (K-2nd)


The program is conducted entirely in Hebrew, just like our preschool. Children will learn to speak, read and write. The curriculum encompasses a variety of Jewish themes and traditions such as holidays, history, and biblical themes, as well as contemporary aspects of Israeli culture. In this program the children will not only acquire the Hebrew language, but also develop a deeper connection with the country of Israel and cultivate their Jewish identity. 


The program is conducted once a week, on Tuesdays. For more information and to register click here. 

Religious School (Preschool-7th)

Growing in Wisdom!

Through Jewish culture and religious concepts, the OHT Religious School teaches students the principles of responsible behavior in all of their communities: family, friends, school and the synagogue.

The children will learn the spectrum of ways to observe as a modern Jew, and why we do what we do. They will know the origins of our traditions and rituals. They will discover the deeper joy that can be found in a spiritual discipline, and the happiness we can create in observance of Shabbat and Holidays.

Religious School passes on the love of Torah to the children, in all of its complexity, beauty and inexhaustible mystery. They learn to revere the wisdom of our heritage on their individual paths. Torah is not just a set of texts, it is an on going project that they are a part of.


For more information about Religious School click here.