Fun Water Play Day!!

Today we had a very busy day: Water, Clay, Theater and we even had a surprise at the end of the day!

First we started with our water play day! Not only did the kids enjoy playing and sliding but they also kept the order saying to eachother very politly - Lo Lidchof (Don't push). They also watered the plants and the rocks !

After our fun water play we were introduced to Clay!

Then we went to the movement room where Hila (our theater specialist) gave us an introduction to Theater. We warmed up our bodies and our voices and we all became little actors by pretending to be someone from a Mishpacha (family). Finally we all got to be parents by growing our own little child, letting it play and putting it to sleep.

And finally, at the end of the day Nurit and Dorit brought out the Jellow Hearts we made yesterday! What a wonderful surprise!

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