Our Passover celebration!

So yes, we had a Seder, but before we got to that - we all took a walk through history, exploring the journey of the Israelites in our own yard!

The Bogrim made signs protesting against Pharaoh and his cruelty -

First stop - we tried to convince Pharaoh (Morah Shoshi) to change his ways!

But Pharoh refused and made us build pyramids for him!

(Look at Maya's creation, isn't it great?)

But we didn't give up! Time for the Ten Plagues! Makat Tsfarde'im!

And then it was time to cross the red sea, and Moses (Morah Dorit) led us safely to the other side -

We had to make Matzahs, of course!

Finally, we arrived at our Seder table, read our Hagadas, and enjoyed our wonderful meal!

Chag Same'ach! Happy Passover!

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