A day in the life of the Bogrim

Boker Tov!

We start the day off with our early morning session of writing, reading, tracing, cutting, gluing and discovering.

After "group Rikkuz" and a yummy breakfast - it's outdoor time! Exploring, problem solving, pedaling, bubbles, creating, ring counting, painting, socializing...

Time for theater class at our theater room! Today, we saw a puppet show of the story "Habeitsa She'hitchapsa" (The Egg That Dressed Up) - we learned that if we're patient, and we listen to our true nature, we can turn out to be exactly what we want to be!

Washed our hands and had a yummy lunch! After lunch, we had some more fun playing in the sandbox. We also discovered the changes in our yard, so many blossoming flowers! We are learning their names in Hebrew.

Before going back to our Kittah (classroom), and after we wash our hands again (of course), we line up after our daily Toran (line leader) who leads us back to the classroom. Today's afternoon activity - reading each other stories while resting on our huge pillows.

Time to say Shalom - We are ready for snack time, and a little more fun at the Ktanim classroom before going home.

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