Learning about Tzedakah

In light of Chanukah (pun intended), we are learning about Tzedakah! What is Tzedakah? Why is it important, especially as Jews? We learned that the penny is the smallest coin in value. We began the lesson with, "What could we buy at the store with just a penny?" We collected 44 pennies for Tzedakah, but before we placed them in our box, the children had to decide to whom or for what they would like to dedicate their contribution.

Eytan - "To buy bread for children that are hungry."

Eden Shlomi- "To people who need umbrellas in the rain."

Orly - "To people who don't have water or food or a home."

Eden SImone - "To people who don't have a bathroom."

Benjamin- "To my brother."

Isaac- "To Benjamin."

Maya- "To my daddy."



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