Shabbat with Nevoh and Lilah, Abba v'Eemah!

Shabbat Shalom! We had such an amazing ceremony today with Nevoh and Lilah as the Shabbat Abba v'Eemah! Nevoh's Eemah, Adee, helped the Abba v'Eemah set the shabbat table, lead shabbat songs, and say the blessings over the candles, grape juice, and challah. Nevoh also helped give all of the boys kipot! We shared our favorite parts of shabbat while we were in the circle. Eytan said his favorite part of shabbat was getting to eat the challah. Eden Shlomi said his favorite part was getting to drink the grape juice. Eden Simone said she loves to light the candles. Isaac said his favorite part of shabbat was getting to wish all of his friends a shabbat shalom! We all have our favorites, but we agreed that spending time with our friends was our favorites most of all! Shabbat B'yachad!!! (B'yachad = together, a current theme in the Prachim classroom)


#abbaveemah #byachad

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