The Language Lab                                           
מעבדת שפות


The fully equipped language lab will offer children and parents a unique opportunity to explore and advance their Hebrew language skills in various areas of interest (i.e., reading acquisition and comprehension, cognitive learning and more) in playful as well as professional and efficient ways.


The lab is located in our renovated library and is already equipped with the infrastructure required including technology, wiring and A/V capabilities for the lab. We have ten stations prepared to accommodate our students. Specifics with details on software and computer programs used, as well as our goals and objectives will be articulated in the next few weeks as we finalize our research, consult with experts in the field and are ready for purchases.


It is included in our schedule as part of our curriculum. Our staff is trained and proficient to lead our children in utilizing the program.


We are now conducting the necessary capital campaign to raise funds for this endeavor. Needless to say this could bring unprecedented results advancing Jewish education and the idea of cultivating Jewish identity early in life within young children, something we all feel is especially critical these days.