About Kinder Circle


Kinder Circle was conceived by Ohr HaTorah Synagogue and its founders, Rabbi Mordecai and Meirav Finley in 2012. They were inspired to build a school that attracted a diverse group of parents and children who share the love for Judaism, Hebrew and the state of Israel and value its existence. Kinder Circle Preschool moved to their own building in Mar Vista and began to develop an early childhood Hebrew immersion program. In line with this vision, the program was designed to introduce the Jewish community, cultural traditions, and the Hebrew language to children through a play based curriculum with an emphasis on the arts.


Our Mission   האני מאמין שלנו

With a foundation in Hebrew Immersion, Kinder Circle guides children to explore their world as individuals within a community. They experience their emotions, thoughts and actions and learn to understand them by engaging in a wide variety of play-based lessons and activities. It is our mission to acquaint children with their creative forces and to encourage self-awareness and knowledge.  Guided by professionals in early childhood development and education, the children hold a significant role in the direction of their learning. They play, build, create and explore with freedom, as teachers, staff and parents work together to maintain a warm learning environment.


Parent Involvement   מעורבות הורים


Kinder Circle Preschool invites parents to become involved in the children's day, whether it is reading a book, assisting with art projects, preparing for events, or simply supervising indoor/outdoor play.


Volunteer for one hour per week, one day per month, or even just one day in the year. To view the sign-up sheet for parent volunteers, click the link below:


"I brought my two kids to Kinder Circle last year and I wasn't familiar with the congregation or the school, so I didn't know what to expect, but I was blown away. When I met with the director,  I immediately felt her passion for the program. It's a child's paradise and I'm thrilled to hear my children speaking more and more Hebrew every day. At the end of the day, they never want to go home. Truly the BEST KEPT SECRET in town."

- Nava Hackmon