Language Immersion                      

הטמעת שפה

One of the most unique services our preschool offers is Hebrew Immersion. 

What is Hebrew Immersion?   

הטמעת השפה העברית

At Kinder Circle, Hebrew is used as a first language. Hebrew language elements are incorporated into all daily activities. Worldwide research shows that bilingual children are able to communicate with a wider variety of people and function more comfortably around cultural diversity. They will have social and economic advantages in their future and improved thinking skills. Children who learn more than one language in their formative years will acquire that language with ease, and pave the way as they study that language and others post adolescence. Bilingualism aids young children in understanding their world and widens their discovery of communication. 

The Benefits of Bilingualism

● Better understanding of one’s primary language, because learning a new tongue teases out similarities and differences between the primary language and others (per the 2000 handbook Dual Language Instruction).


● Brain activity tests described in a New York Times article from 2011 show that bilinguals have a heightened ability over monolinguals to monitor their immediate environment and keep track of what’s going on more efficiently.


● A 2008 study published in Applied Developmental Science supports evidence that a bilingual child’s ability to operate between two languages strengthens mental flexibility, self-control/self-regulation and the ease of switching between mental tasks.


● And, according to a 2013 study published in Neurology, bilingualism may even delay the onset of dementia in old age by as many as five years